Culturally Relevant Evaluation of Sexual Violence Prevention Initiatives

Culturally Specific, Prevention, Restorative Justice
About This Project

A webinar with Strong Oak Lefebvre, founder and Executive Director of the Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition, Inc., and Peer Cohort with the Just Beginnings Collaborative.

Strong Oak Lefebvre examines methods of evaluating culturally relevant prevention efforts by presenting work conducted to evaluate an indigenous violence prevention curriculum. Strong Oak Lefebvre discusses the curriculum, which was authored by members of the Visioning B E.A.R (Balance, Equality, and Respect) Circle Intertribal Coalition Inc., and relies upon native methods, wisdom, and teachings to reduce gender-based violence. Exploratory efforts to pilot and to test the curriculum are discussed, including methods utilized, pitfalls experienced, and lessons learned. The challenges inherent in cross-cultural and culturally-relevant violence prevention and curriculum evaluation are addressed.