Meet the Team: Max Micallef, Public Policy Director

Max Micallef (they/he/she)
Public Policy Director

Centering their career as a Queer Rights Activist and democratic socialist, Max Micallef previously served as the Public Policy Coordinator with GLSEN Lower Hudson Valley before transitioning into a role as their Political Advisor. There, Max advocated for the needs of LGBTQ+ students and educators of all K-12 school districts within a tri-county purview.

Before joining NYSCASA as the Public Policy Director, Max served as the Youth Outreach & Project Coordinator with Frameline, a national LGBTQ+ media nonprofit. Additionally, through their work on the Advisory Council of EqualityNY, Max continues to advocate for the intersectional needs of queer people, and therefore all people, including dismantling sexual violence and intertwining oppressions.