Webinar: What is Restorative Integral Support?

Webinar: What is Restorative Integral Support?


With Heather Larkin (University at Albany, SUNY)

From 12:15 PM until 1:15 PM

School of Social Welfare, University at Albany, SUNY / Heather Larkin / hlarkin@albany.edu

This brief webinar presents the Restorative Integral Support (RIS) model, showing how to identify and tap a range of community assets and individual strengths to build community wealth and resilience. Service providers, policymakers, community leaders, and in fact all community members, play roles in creating resilient, resourceful communities. Leadership sets an example and the cultural tone in programs and neighborhoods. The RIS model emphasizes supporting self-care among staff members and neighborhood leaders who provide role modeling and relationship-building in service and through support networks. When using RIS, it becomes clear that policies and system design are also key interventions that influence healthy community development.

NOTE: This webinar assumes foundational knowledge in adverse childhood experiences and trauma – suggested prerequisites to webinar participation include review of any one of the following: https://www.pdp.albany.edu/Media/PDF/CommuniquePDF/V34_PDP_Communique.pdf, http://aceresponse.org/img/uploads/file/larkin_aces_final.pdf, or the first ACE overview recorded webinar available on this page: http://aceresponse.org/how_we_help/Webinars_3_53_sb.htm

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