Prevention Webinar: “Dear Stop It Now! Helpline… I’m Afraid My Brother Is Grooming a Child”

Prevention Webinar: “Dear Stop It Now! Helpline… I’m Afraid My Brother Is Grooming a Child”


From 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM

Stop It Now! / [email protected]


This webinar will share stories and concerns from Helpline callers who are worried that someone they love is sexually abusing a child. For many of these callers, they hope they are wrong but want to know what steps they can take to both make sure that a child is kept safe from sexual abuse AND that the adult they care for gets help. We’ll take a deeper dive into warning signs in adult’s behaviors, building the audience’s confidence so they can identify when an adult’s behaviors are crossing boundaries and are not safe. We’ll discuss resources and services to support adults with problematic and abusive sexual behaviors, and focus on building skills to have a conversation with an adult whose behaviors are a warning sign or even abusive. 


About this webinar series

Stop It Now! is bringing its expertise and resources from our Helpline and Circles of Safety trainings to the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. Introducing our Circles of Safety Prevention Webinar Series: "Dear Stop It Now! Helpline"

In a uniquely intimate training format, Stop It Now! brings the conversations from our specialized Helpline to this webinar training series - sharing the questions concerned adults have about keeping children safe from sexual harm, along with our Helpline’s calm, empowering and educational responses.

Inspired by the wisdom of our Helpline, the "Dear Stop It Now! Helpline" Training series emphasizes the critical importance of understanding concerning and illegal behaviors along a spectrum of safety, rather than only in black-and-white terms. Participants often say that the most illuminating aspects of our trainings are when they can draw from their own real-life experiences to prepare them to respond to future situations. Conversations that revolve around these real situations can be thorny and challenging, but can also ultimately be clarifying and deeply empowering.

Using actual Helpline calls and letters, each interactive webinar in this series will explore the themes surrounding questions about children’s sexual health and sexual behaviors, adult’s sexual behaviors around children, vulnerable environments and planning for safety. The practical information, tools and resources shared by the Helpline in response to these calls and letters will be shared and discussed.

Webinars are available for a voluntary fee of $10.00 (U.S.). No one will be turned away for inability to pay(*), but to help us keep our materials and services available and accessible to all, please consider supporting Stop It Now! with this voluntary fee.

*If you are unable to pay, after submitting your registration information, you will come to a Payment Due screen that says "Your registration information has been saved. Please purchase the training now." There is nothing else you need to do on this page if you are unable to pay. 


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