Webinar: Preventing Restorative Disaster: Key Elements and Essential Practices, Part 1

Webinar: Preventing Restorative Disaster: Key Elements and Essential Practices, Part 1


From 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM

Presented by Restorative Justice On The Rise / Molly Rowan Leach, info@malirowanpresents.com

Preventing Restorative Disaster: Key Elements & Essential Practices

A Two-Part Mini Webinar Series with Molly Rowan Leach for Non-Profits, Restorative Justice Programs, and professional staff and leadership within human systems.  We will cover the two primary areas of focus: "upstream" policy, practice, and team-building; and restorative conflict response systems for staff and orgs in general. The class is premised on the value of collaborative ownership and human relationship building as essential to mission-driven and value-driven growth and success.

Two evening webinar sessions for $59 plus recordings, slides and resources.

Each session runs 1.5 hours plus possible additional time for discussion. Can't attend live? No problem. We send you the webcast replay within 24 hours of each session's close.

Upon registration, you will be sent an email with the ACCESS information for each class. Questions? Email Us!


Key Areas we will cover together:

  • Sustaining Practices & The Circle as Essential Trust and Relationship Builder
  • Feedback and Fear: Insights on Safety, Confidentiality and How to Leverage Feedback for Empowerment and Growth
  • Specific Staff and Director Practices
  • Writing restorative justice (RJ) into Internal CR Policies
  • Restorative practices are 75% of your success (as opposed to what is called restorative justice, relating to when conflict has already happened) 
  • Co-Ownership: Shifting From Hierarchy to Collaborative 
  • Evalutions and Reviews as Opportunity and Cross-Org
  • What to Do When Conflict Inevitably Happens...
  • And More, Including Discussion and Q&A.


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