NYSCADV 2021 Legislative Summary Webinar

NYSCADV 2021 Legislative Summary Webinar


From 10:30 AM until 11:30 AM

Presented by the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence / policy@nyscadv.org

This year’s legislative session ended in early June with several important pieces of legislation passed by both the Assembly and Senate. Several have already been signed into law. The others will have to be signed into law or vetoed by the Governor by the end of the year. 

These bills include:

  • A new law to repeal the prohibition against “loitering for the purpose of prostitution” – Chapter 23
  • A new law to significantly restrict the use of solitary confinement – Chapter 93
  • A new law making it easier for individuals to change their name – Chapter 158
  • A bill to ensure confidentiality of conversations between DV survivors and advocates – Awaiting Gov action
  • A bill to raise the age of marriage to 18 – Awaiting Gov action
  • A bill to permit DV survivors to break utility contracts – Awaiting Gov action

Join NYSCADV for a webinar to review these, and other, important pieces of legislation on Wednesday, August 4, from 10:30-11:30 AM. The webinar will be recorded.

NYSCADV 2021 Legislative Summary

Click here to view NYSCADV's 2021 Legislative Summary.

The summary is organized by those that have already been signed into law, bills approved by both chambers and awaiting action by the Governor, or bills approved in either the Assembly or the Senate. The legislation is ordered within these categories by chapter number or bill number.


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